Holiday Season Extended Shipping Delays

All orders from One Less are currently shipped from Canada (see our "Shipping" page for more details).

This page will be updated with the most recent and relevant information as it becomes available to us.

Please refer back to this page for updates.


Update 1: December 11, 2018

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is currently experiencing extended delays in processing items entering the USA due to the holiday season and the large amount of products being shipped over the border. As a result, we cannot guarantee the delivery of your item by a specific date. This delay is currently affecting most retail and e-commerce stores that ship products to the USA from Canada.


Update 2: December 12, 2018

We have been informed that US Customs and Border Protection are working hard to process the current backlog of items being shipped to the USA and are expected to release our items to USPS later this week.


Update 3: December 15, 2018

All delayed packages have now been released from US Customs and have been passed along to USPS.

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